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Air Conditioning Equipment Maintenance
Air Conditioning Equipment Installations

Air Conditioner Repairs

We are here and ready to accurately and efficiently repair any make or model, residential or light commercial, air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Our annual maintenance helps insure optimal and efficient air conditioning system performance and safety. You enjoy peace of mind.

Air Conditioner Installations

New or replacing existing air conditioning equipment can be expensive. We get you the right equipment, the best price and install the system properly.

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We value our customers and work hard to partner with them on all their air conditioning equipment repair, maintenance and installation needs. We are here and ready to help!

Air Conditioning Repairs

Most of what we do, is fix or repair all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. We have fixed and maintained thousands of AC units throughout our service area, with some air conditioners far exceeding their life expectancy. If it is not broken, we don't fix it. If it is broken, we will inform you of the cost to fix it. On aged equipment, needing expensive repairs, we will also inform you of your replacement options. We leave the decision making to our valued customers. We simply do our part keeping them informed of what we find and providing advice.

Fast AC, Air Conditioner Repairs

Our technicians are highly skilled in the craft of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as, refrigeration repair. We have the experience, knowledge, tools and technology to troubleshoot and identify the issue and get your air conditioner back in service quickly. We only use the highest quality replacement parts and supplies to insure our valued customers are completely satisfied. Call now and schedule your air conditioner's repair!

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like our cars and trucks, central air conditioning and heating systems require maintenance to help keep them efficiently performing effectively and maximizing overall longevity. Air conditioning equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance in their warranties and strongly recommends it throughout the life of the equipment. Maintenance cleans and lubricates the system so it runs better and quieter. Fully charges systems work less to keep you cooler, which saves energy consumption. Ultimately maintenance, saves you money!

AC, Air Conditioner Maintenance

It also provides an opportunity for HVAC/R professionals to identify potential problems and even hazards. Allowing our valued customers to avoid potential costly repairs, inconveniences and unsafe conditions as they enter the summer season and face the hot Texas heat. Our Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up includes:

  • Test Compressor Voltage, RLA and Rated Amps.
  • Clean and Degrease Condensing Coil (outside unit), if needed.
  • Check Condensing Fan Motor Voltage, RLA and Rated Amps.
  • Inspect Evaporating Coil, Check Overflow Pan and Condensate Drain.
  • Test and Inspect Electronic Components, Contacts and Wiring within Unit.
  • Check Operation Pressure (Freon), Type, Level and Temperature.
  • Test Starting Capabilities.
  • Examine and Check Safety Controls.
  • Evaluate Ductwork.
  • Test Blower Fan Operation.
  • Check Thermostat Operation - Replace Batteries on Digital Thermostats.
  • Check Return for Leaks and Inspect Air Filter.

Report Card: That's right, each time we perform our Spring Air Conditioner Check-Up, we maintain a report card for each condenser unit on site, that shows the service history of any issues found, services performed, technician comments as well as recommendations. This helps our customers keep track of things, and us, better serve our customers over the years. Call now and get your report card!

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New Air Conditioning Equipment Installation

We have been helping our community transition from using R-22 Freon by upgrading their air conditioning systems to the new R-410A Freon. We also install new equipment for new construction, add systems for zoning or replace aged or failing air conditioning systems. It is very important to install the right size condenser unit and evaporator coil to insure effective efficient operation and safety. A system too small or too big will perform poorly and have operating issues prematurely. Our professionally trained technicians will evaluate the appropriate size equipment you need.

AC, Air Conditioner Installations

All too often, we are called out to replace a 3 ton unit with a proper 4 ton unit, when it is only a few years old. The homeowner saved money by buying a smaller system then, but they pay dearly to get it properly replaced so soon. There are ways to cut corners and save money and then there are ways you should never try to save. We will help educate you on all your available options and what you can expect from your choices down the road. We are an authorized dealer for many of the industries top manufactures, which allows us to offer you a wide variety of options for all your new air conditioning equipment needs.

We will evaluate your environment to determine the proper size equipment. Then we will present you with good, better, best options for new air conditioning equipment and explain the manufacturers warranty periods to you. Once you decide on a specific system, we will partner with you and make the installation of your new air conditioner as painless as possible. Call our office and setup a free, no obligation evaluation and consultation to provide our services to you. We'd love the opportunity to earn your business.

American Standard Air Conditioning Equipment is always among our recommendations to customers in need of replacing, upgrading or installing new central air conditioning equipment. They are rated well in performance and longevity consistently by Consumer Reports and our customers over many years have always been satisfied, which makes us happy too!

Consumer Reports June Edition & Central Air Conditioning System Buying Guide

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