Helpful Air Conditioning and Heating Tips

Before you call, read these helpful tips for A/C problems.

  • Always check your breaker, if the outside unit is not running. There are two breakers for your system: one for the outside unit and one for the inside heating system that controls the entire system.
  • Check your A/C filter. In the summer it needs to be replaced every 2 - 4 weeks depending on usage. During the winter months every 1 - 2 months is ok.
  • If water is dripping outside from the overflow line, this is not normal. It could cause your ceiling to flood with water if left unattended.
  • If you have a gas furnace and no part of the system runs, make sure the light switch is in the "ON" position, in the attic that feeds power to the furnace.
  • If the system is running and not cooling, shut it off! Additional damage may occur if the unit continues to run.
  • If the outside unit will not shut off at the thermostat, turn the unit off at the breaker.
  • If you see frost or ice on the outside Freon lines going to the A/C unit, shut the system off. The unit may be low on Freon.
  • All A/C units get dirty and need to be thoroughly cleaned every 1 - 3 years on average.
  • Clean air filters will keep your indoor evaporator coil for the A/C unit, cleaner longer. If you don't change the filters when needed, the evaporator coil will become plugged up with dirt and will not cool properly.
  • Most electronic thermostats have batteries that need replaced every year. Make it a routine - when you replace the batteries in your smoke detector, also replace the batteries in your thermostat at the same time.
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